Is American democracy in crisis?

Ever since the Trump administration has taken the reins of power in hand, the suspicion, concern and worries are often observed across the corners of the political realm of the world. As of today after more than two years of Trump in office, the administer seems unlikely to gain public opinion in its favor as evident from multiple surveys conducted in recent past

Is American democracy really in crisis? Is Trump the real reason behind the entire flashpoint or this is something beyond? – Are undoubtedly the few questions among many in the minds of political intelligentsia these days.

The answer to a lot many such questions may lead one to go through multiple aspects of the same paradigm. One of such aspect is an indication towards capricious behavior of President Trump in same lines as one may imagine a Stalin like figure or an autocrat or dictator unlike one having a democratic way of governance, which indeed has been a matter of concern among people around the United States. One may lead to grasping the fact that in doing so what American president thinks he can, has drastically dragged the common American in state of mind where the democratic idea that power derives from masses in US democracy is debased and threatened.


You’d think by his behavior that, he was some form of drug addict or just a complete narcissistic monster trying to rule the world.

After Trump’s recent announcement of holding the 2020 census which is disputed over the inclusion of controversial questions for citizenship have gathered concerns among civil society, is certainly dragging towards a constitutional crisis. Consistent intimidation and stringent actions towards immigrants could drag the essence of democratic rituals of the American nation to its doom. While the top court has given verdict over the issue that no such question can be asked within the census regarding citizenship, thereby declining orders of the top court may threaten the legitimacy of such census.

With all this in play what one sense is the notion that absolute authority is rest solely within the ambit of President, which undermines the authority of congress, judiciary and constitution, with which everyone has to abide to ensure democracy running through its essence.

America has always been a place where democratic norms and civil liberties have remained as the hallmark of its nation across the globe. The democracy in America is based on its values towards racial, ethnic and religious diversity since the establishment of the United States of America, and this notion is of paramount importance for long existence and integration and that very value seems under consistent threat then dent can go into the base which subsequently would be enough to determine the intensity of crisis American democracy is facing.

Having all this in action a real question for survival of American dream and its democracy is that, can Americans as a nation is aware of crisis looming over their heads and are they organized and disciplined enough to muster up the courage and stand against violent tides of disharmony encountering to the core of its great identity, heritage and values and ultimately could address the menace of disunity to be rooted out in time before it is too late.

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